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Natasha Mileusnic

Writer, editor, parent

Hobbyist researcher of:

childhood development & learning



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l live in Salt Lake City with my husband, son, and two hyper rescue dogs, Piglet and Buzz Aldrin.  

Lately I've been doing a lot of research into ADHD, visual skills, learning and childhood development, education, and health and wellness. I plan to post about some of these issues in the hopes of helping other parents. 

I started dabbling in fiction when my son was a toddler; I left my day job for a while to spend time with him. On the side, I fell a little in love with writing. I've published three short stories: UNDO, THE MONSTERS OF OUR MINDS, and BLUFFDALE. My first novel, END OF BEFORE, is in a drawer.

In my early and mid-twenties I lived in Moscow, where I was a reporter at The Moscow Times. I also spent seven or eight months backpacking around South Asia in 1994, when nobody had cell phones or the internet. In my thirties I lived in New York and took my first writing class at Gotham Writers Workshop. Since then I've taken a couple more online classes from Gotham, which I highly recommend. I attended one of Gotham's virtual conferences, as well as the Quills conference in Utah in 2019 and AWP in San Antonio in 2020 (the Covid one, right when it was starting).

By profession I'm a Supervisory Analyst, which means I review, edit, and approve Wall Street research reports to make sure they're compliant with securities regulations and firm policies..


I am a bad skier.


END OF BEFORE, a chillingly real tale of upmarket suspense complete at 76,000 words. How would an average family—one with, say, squabbling parents, a belligerent teenager, and a clinging kindergartener—respond if the United States suffered the most devastating attack in its history? The world has tired of America’s global dominance and crippled its infrastructure in a multi-city surprise attack. Now it’s up to an ambitious Congressional staffer and her husband, an Iraq vet, to figure out how to reunite their family and survive their new reality. Told in multiple POV, END OF BEFORE blends a page-turning plot with the emotional heft of a family saga.

Bouncing Light Balls

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works”

Virginia Woolf

Sunset Over New York City


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