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Books on Neurodiversity (plus 1 Fabulous Book on Literacy)

I’ve found these to be valuable resources — interesting and helpful to varying degrees. Keep in mind I’m not a medical doctor, educator, or expert of any kind in these areas.

In no particular order:

The Knowledge Gap by Natalie Wexler

Bright Kids Who Can’t Keep Up by Ellen Braaten , PhD

Visual Secrets for School Success by Dr. Brenda Montecalvo

Taking Charge of ADHD by Russell Barkley, PhD

Managing ADHD in School by Russell Barkley, PhD

Yes! Your Child Can by Victoria E. Waller, Ed.D

Finally Focused by James Greenblatt, M.D.

Square Peg by L. Todd Rose

differently wired by Deborah Reeber

Bright Not Broken by Diane Kennedy and Rebecca Banks

Thinking Differently by David Flink

Twice Exceptional, edited by Scott Barry Kaufman

To Be Gifted and Learning Disabled by Susan Baum, PhD; Robin Schader, PhD; Steven Owen, PhD

Canaries Among Us by Kayla Taylor

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