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Our vision message

Ever since we found out about our son's vision, I've been spamming neuropsychologists, educational therapists, literacy experts, teachers, and parents, trying to spread the word about vision-related learning difficulties.

I'm so grateful that Dr. Karen Wilson agreed to create a podcast on this very topic! At the top of the show she tells a bit of our story (not by name), then speaks to the optometrist I mentioned in my Medium post (Dr. Juanita Collier), and even includes my essay in her show notes.

Have a listen!

Also, I've been very inspired by Kayla Taylor, a fellow mama bear advocate who wrote an amazing book about bullying and neurodiversity, and agreed to talk to me about her experience publishing it.

Leaving me wondering: can an introverted GenXer develop a "platform" and get a non-fiction book deal? Watch this space.

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